EYE Declaration of Intent

In 1994 three organisations came together to form EYE: the VDI, KIVI and KVIV. Their original declaration of intent is stored here for posterity.

EYE Declaration of Intent

EYE Statutes

EYE is governed by its statutes, which have changed over the years. Below are a list of the statutes that are currently in effect.

EYE Statutes 28/11/2010

EYE Contact

In 2002 it was decided to keep the members up to date with what was going on in EYE by means of a newsletter – while not as polished as recent issues of EYE Contact they certainly serve their purpose getting the word out and provide us with an insight as to what Young Engineers ten years ago thought were the hot topics of the day.

EYE Contact Issue 1, 10/07/2002

EYE Contact Issue 3, 20/01/2003

EYE Contact Issue 4, 06/05/2003

EYE Contact Issue 5 17/07/2003

EYE Contact Issue 6, 01/09/2003

EYE Contact Issue 8, 26/02/2004

EYE Contact Issue 10, 01/11/2004

EYE Contact Issue 14 30/11/2006

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