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4 Responsesso far.

  1. Elena Madett says:

    From what your student usely take part in your activities/became a member?

    • EYE Webmaster says:

      Hi Elena

      Students are able to take part in EYE events if they are a member of one of our member organisations – check our List of Member Organisations to check if yours is one of them. If not, then never fear! Getting your national engineering association involved with EYE is a great way to get more familiar with your own organisation and makes a great addition to your CV.

  2. Iordanis Polatoglou says:


    My name is Iordanis Polatoglou. I am from Greece and I am a young civil engineer. I have an MSc from Imperial College London and currently I am working in the UK. I am a graduate member of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE). I am interested to attend the event in Lisbon in October. I saw that there are some institutions which are members of EYE. I am not a member of them but I am a member of the ICE. Am I welcome to the events of EYE or only delegates from these institutions can come? I am interested to meet young engineers around europe like me!

    Thank you!

    • EYE Webmaster says:

      Hi Iordanis

      ICE currently aren’t a member of EYE, so you would not be able to attend many of our conferences as a member of ICE. However the EYE Forum in Lisbon is being hosted by FEANI, who ICE are a member of through their registration with the Engineering Council. You will be most welcome at Lisbon and are sure to meet many people both from the UK and elsewhere! You might also be interested in EYE-UK, who will be joining EYE at Lisbon. You would be able to attend future conferences as a member of EYE-UK, who accept individual memberships.

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