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The EYE network consists of national and multi-national engineering associations, our members. Currently we have twenty two members.

Every engineering student or young professional who is a member of one of our member associations is invited to join our conferences and events. Accordingly, our conference delegates work and live in more than fifteen European countries, as well as outside Europe – coming to a conference offers you the chance to meet people with a unique mix of different technical and cultural backgrounds!

Current members of EYE

Association for Consultancy and Engineering – (ACE) London, United Kingdom

Association Nationale des Etudiants Ingénieurs Luxembourgeois – Union of Luxembourg Engineering Students (ANEIL) Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Bureau National des Elèves Ingénieurs – National Bureau of Engineering Students (BNEI) Paris, France

EYE Italia (eyeIT) Salerno, Italy

European Young Engineers UK (EYE-UK) Manchester, United Kingdom

Association Française des Femmes Ingénieurs – French Association of Female Engineers (FI) Paris, France

ФЕДЕРАЦИЯ НА НАУЧНО-ТЕХНИЧЕСКИТЕ СЪЮЗИ В БЪЛГАРИЯ – Federation of the Scientific Engineering Unions (FNTS) Sofia, Bulgaria

Associazione Giovani Ingegneri della Provincia di Salerno – Association of Young Engineers of the Province of Salerno (GIOIN) Salerno, Italy

Ingeniørforeningen i Danmark – Danish Society of Engineers (IDA) Copenhagen, Denmark

Engineers Ireland Dublin, Ireland

Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology – (IMarEST) London, United Kingdom

Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining – (IoM3) London, United Kingdom

Koninklijk Instituut Van Ingenieurs – Royal Institute of Engineers (KIVI) The Hague, Netherlands

Koninklijke Landbouwkundige Vereniging – Royal Agricultural Society (KLV) Wageningen, Netherlands

ie-Net Antwerp, Belgium

Norges største organisasjon for ingeniører og teknologer – Norwegian Society of Engineers and Technologists (NITO) Oslo, Norway

Ordem Dos Engenheiros – Order of the Engineers (OE) Lisbon, Portugal

Studentski elektrotehnički klub i servis Sarajevu – Student Association of Electrotechnics of the University of Sarajevo (STELEKS) Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

University Engineering Students Association – (UESA) Valletta, Malta

Insinööriliitto – Union of Professional Engineers in Finland Helsinki, Finland

Verein Deutscher Ingenieure – Association of German Engineers (VDI) Düsseldorf, Germany

Young Rail Professionals – (YRP) London, United Kingdom


Are you a young engineer and think your organisation would benefit from being a member of EYE? Get in touch!

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