What We Do


The main activity of EYE is organising our conferences; aimed to be held twice a year these give our members the opportunity to meet, offering personal development opportunities as well as the chance to meet new people and build their own personal networks.

Conferences typically run from Friday to Sunday, and include a number of activities:

  • Workshops and seminars on topics related to life as an international Engineer
  • Technical visits to nearby businesses or landmarks
  • A formal gala dinner with keynote speakers held in a prestigious location
  • A chance to experience the host city guided by the people who know it best – our resident members!

Employment Opportunities

EYE also aims to be able to help its members find work, especially when it encourages you to move country! We have partnered with Careers International to be able to bring you news of their careers fairs for exceptional candidates, many of which we can offer free or discounted places and travel for.

EYE Contact

We also publish EYE Contact, our magazine for the international Engineer containing articles and news that we think our members will find interesting. You can read our latest issue here.