Who We Are


European Young Engineers – Explore, share, grow – together!

EYE is a European network of young engineering professionals and students sharing knowledge, fostering mobility and developing personal and professional skills.

How EYE started

In the mid 1990s, Europe’s views and feelings were growing together faster and faster; the expansion towards Eastern Europe and the Baltic was approaching. For the engineering profession, this posed many challenges: changes in engineering education; the resulting higher mobility in Europe; mutual recognition of diplomas and professional experiences.

Confronted with increasing international co-operation in their professional engineering projects, young engineers saw the need to be better prepared for the European market. National engineering associations could and still can only partly provide the answer to those questions and give support to their members, especially their students and young engineers.

Consequently young members of the European engineers’ organisations created a pan-European platform and founded the European Young Engineers (EYE) in 1994. During the following years several engineering associations in Europe were invited to join and EYE rapidly grew.

First decade of the 21st century

EYE became a dynamic and rapidly growing organisation with enthusiastic members, rapidly consisting of more than 18 associations and representing more than 150.000 young engineers in Europe. EYE started to offer its member organisations and their students and young engineers the access to a Europe-wide network by linking the engineering associations.

EYE today

Twice a year, EYE offers a member-hosted conference, each one bringing together between 80 and 300 participants from all over Europe. Between these events, our lively community stays in contact via social media channels, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.